Entertainment FAQs

We would like to welcome everyone to Lafayette Theater. Our security and staff are here to make your time an enjoyable experience for all. For those coming from out of town or those who have never been to Lafayette Theater before, please familiarize yourself with the rules below. If there is something that we have not covered, feel free to contact us via email at thelafayettetheater@yahoo.com or by phone at (765)742-4080.


When is your Box Office Open?

Our box office is open Tuesdays from 5PM-7PM and Thursdays from 12:00Noon-3:00PM. Tickets may be purchased with cash, checks, or credit/debit cards. You may also purchase tickets online at www.lafayettetheater.com by clicking on the individual event.

What is your capacity?

Our capacity is 1100. Depending on staff, security, and production needed for specific events, a smaller amount of tickets may be available for purchase.

What time do doors open?

Doors will generally open one hour before the first act performs. Any changes will be noted on the ticket or on our website.


May I bring in outside food or drinks during concerts?

No outside food or drinks will be permitted for our large concerts.

May I take a drink purchased in the venue outside, even if it is water?

Absolutely no drinks purchased inside may be brought outside including sodas and water.


If you are planning on drinking, please be sure to have 2 proofs of ID present and readily available for our security guards to check. If you do not have it out and ready we will move on to the next person in order to accommodate those wishing to purchase alcohol.

Who may enter the bar area?

Only those 21 and up are allowed in the Designated Bar Area


May I smoke inside?

No smoking of any kind is permitted anywhere in the venue

What happens if I am caught smoking in the bathroom or venue?

You will be immediately ejected from the venue, with no refund.


What kind of items are not allowed in the Venue?

Illegal substances of any kind, firearms, fireworks, any type of “rage stick” that resembles a weapon, outside food, and outside drinks are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on any premises of the venue.

May I bring in a bookbag or large purse?

All items are subject to be searched by our security guards. Upon entering the venue, please have all bags open and ready to be searched.


Absolutely No Video, Professional Photography, or Cameras with detachable lenses will be allowed inside the venue at all times.


We do have a lost and found. All items found at the end of the night including debit cards, cell phones, etc will be placed in our lost and found. You may ask one of the security guards, management, or may call the next morning  (765)742-4080 to see if one of your items have been found.