Earth Day Awareness “Gaia Fest”-Sunday April 21, 2013

Join us as we embark on this unique and exciting event to come to Lafayette, IN. We have a jam packed list of events good for the mind, body and spirit. Admission is $10.00. This is an all ages event and is family friendly. You will receive a wristband at the door which will allow you entry and re-entry throughout the day.For those 21 and drinks will be available for purchase including specialty beers from People’s Brewing Company. Sound Provided by Smith Sound. Sponsored by OMFC LLC. (Our Motivation for Change)


$8.00 Presale-Available at Lafayette Theater


David Crawford (12:30 12:50)
Kyle Hurd (12:55 1:15)
Ryan King (1:20 1:40)
Jeff Anderson (1:45 2:05)
SCM “Street Corner Mystics”
(2:30 3:10)

Wheelhouse (3:35 4:15)
David & Brady (4:40 5:20)
Harvesting Murphy (5:45 6:25)
Uncle Buck’s Mojo Box (6:50 7:30)
Michael Kelsey (8:00 9:00)
Miller (9:30 10:30)
Fresh Hops (11:00 1:00)


Fresh Hops is a 4-piece band from the Tri-Town Area of Northwest Indiana. The band has played over 400 shows in 9 different states. After 4 years of being together, their sound continues to evolve, as the fans and family continue to grow. Fresh Hops has created a love for the “live” show, incorporating the concept of “having fun” as the main idea. Each show is different, consisting of a mixture of creative originals, and catchy/crafty instrumental cover songs. Fresh Hops puts the emphasis on real music while blending their influences into something brand new. The band celebrates the rich history of each instrument playing bluegrass/classical songs through the violin, classic soul/jazz with the tenor sax, and heavy metal with distorted guitars. Somewhere along the way all the elements combine to create a truly unforgettable experience.


Miller is back on the music scene with a whole new attitude. Following their youthful success, Miller had life hit them head on. Clayton was busy with his new family, Cole was living life and LD was working on his schooling and exploring new musical avenues. With all of these new changes, Miller is now ready to rock with their new sound, what they have called blues fusion. With the core of the band as it was and always will be, the Miller brothers have an ever changing ensemble supporting them on stage! Miller is a high intensity, mostly electric set-up, with the ability to slow things down to let audiences be swooned by their acoustical talents in the quaint venues around the country.
At very young ages, the Miller brothers started the Clayton Miller Blues Band. Fronted by oldest brother, Clayton, 17 at that time, on guitar and vocals; Cole on drums and vocals; and little LD Miller, just a mere 6 years old, tearing it up on the harmonica. This was a band that was born, not made! With music in their genes and soul in their hearts, the Miller brothers swept the nation with their musical talents in a very short time. With LD Miller on harmonica, Miller has brought a new light to the harmonica. Penned as the “world’s greatest living harmonica player’ at just a young age of 14, LD has continued to amaze audiences with his harmonica. Appearing on stage with or opening for various big named artists, such as Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone, James Cotton and John Popper, the Millers then went on to travel the country making a big name for themselves. If you want to see a band that will bring you to your feet and keep you dancing all night long, then you must see Miller, a crazy good time! This band of brothers, literally, is a show you won’t be able to stop talking about!

Miller, who has made national headlines across the U.S.A. Have opened for or shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, Buddy Guy, Blues Traveler , B.B King, Ricky Scaggs, Joe Bonamassa, Alicia Keys, India Arie, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Ziggy Marley, Joss Stone, James Cotton, Ricky Minor band and more.
L.D. and Cole recently headlined 10 months at the Tropicana in Las Vegas and the two younger brothers were the winners of 2nd place on the #1 show on TV summer 06 NBC ‘s America’s Got Talent, they have been seen by over 50 Million TV viewers this year. They also appeared on The Ellen Show, The Today Show and over 200 newspapers and magazines including a 4 page spread in TV Guide.
L.D. played for 22,000 fans in Dec. at the Forum at Stevie Wonder’s House of Toys. He was the only standing ovation of the evening (and that evening included a Stevie Wonder/Alicia Keys duet). But while audiences are amazed by the novelty of a band that consists of 3 young brothers, they come away capitivated by musical vibes that any musician of any age would be proud of.
The charm and allure of a young family band certainly packs the house at colleges, clubs and festivals, but innate talent, hard work and rocking crazy musicianship brings audiences to their feet dancing and applauding.
While they have been together all their lives, they moved beyond the singing around the campfire stage in 1999, when Clayton left his alternative band he had been fronting since the age of 15 and took up the family passion for blues infused rock. In just a few short years, they have appeared on The Today Show, America’s Most Talented Kid, Access Hollywood, Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, Extra, Steve Harvey’s Big Time, more. They were selected for the Blues Deluxe Radio program. This is a program that is aired on 100 radio stations around the world and they are wedged in the play list comfortably between B.B. King and Bob Dylan. They are the only band on the play list that doesn’t yet have a record label listed after it, but this won’t be the case for long.
This is definitely a band you’ll be proud to say I booked just before they got huge…that you helped “discover” before the rest of the world claims them.
They were featured by Campus Activities Magazine as the Hottest New Act of the College Circuit nationwide their first year on the circuit. They played over 100 colleges in their first year, and have been burning up the festival, theatre, corporate and club circuits as well.

Miller. A mind shared. Clayton, Cole, and L.D. fuse Blues artistry with a bond rooted deep in brotherly love. Their shows drift, roll, and sway from crisp rock rifts with soulful vocals to wailing, reverberating harp solos. Each element of the performance evokes their ever-present bond with each other. They are always in constant communication, transitioning seamlessly from one good vibration to the next. Each member harnesses this energy in his own way, and uses his instrument to send a bit of this positivity to every person in the crowd. They stir up a youthful excitement in each heart, their smiles and passionate play overflowing every cup.
The Miller Band is the display of an experience more than a decade in the making. Each show sends the roots deeper and deeper, ensuring that the art of the Blues will continue to brim forth and branch toward the light that shines from every soul. Also Ft. Darren Grigsby on bass, Ryan Fletcher & David Mickler.
Miller acoustic session Sound logic 2009

John Popper and LD Miller

Miller at Festival in terre haute

Micheal Kelsey is a rhythmic, inspired guitarist and performance artist who blends many musical genres with fervor and grace. When he hits the stage to perform, he plays every inch of his guitar pulling out every part of it or anything else an arm’s length or foot kick away. Through out a performance Michael may make use of technology, his improve skills, objects in the room, and audience interaction to make music for the ears but more importantly a musical experience for the senses.

Born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, he began his musical journey weaving in and out of successful area bands as lead guitarist or bassist. Later he opened and ran a thriving recording studio, which after five years he retired in order to enable him to embark freely on his career as a solo artist.

His naturally soulful vocal illuminates carefully chosen lyrics that make his songs shimmer and shine. He plays expressively and manipulates the guitar to create a melodic fusion of alternate tunings and unorthodox hand positions allowing for him to achieve a full sound. The true beauty is in the way the song, the sound and the motion of his music unites. The songs, especially the lush instrumentals, can be reminiscent of the late, great Michael Hedges, but boast Kelsey’s personal percussive stamp, exceptional arrangement and deliberate instrumentation.

His live performances are particularly moving. Sometimes he sounds as if he’s deftly playing more than one guitar. At a Kelsey show audience members may actually lose themselves in the moment and forget they are listening to one person. They can be tapping their foot one minute, in a deep trance the next, then bursting into laughter.

Uncle Buck’s Mojo Box is a Rock and Power Blues Trio. This incredible three man crew brings an explosive in your face attitude. Bill Rose is a giant on stage!!. Shredding it to a collective blend of original tunes and old school classics. Uncle Buck’s Mojo Box is always a crowd pleasures.


Also musical appearances by James Morrow, Pat McClimans , James C Werner , Drew Michael Luigs and Echo Delta.




Cody Hall from Tippecanoe Urban Farmers will be giving a lecture on Permaculture . “Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all aspects of human endeavor. It teaches us how build natural homes, grow our own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch rainwater, build communities and much more. ”

Jen Bernat from Tenley studio will be leading 45 minute restorative yoga class appropriate for all levels. She will provide helpful breathing techniques designed to reduce stress and calm the mind. Come stretch, relax, and release!


Terry Kok is currently helping co-create an off-grid self-sustaining ecovillage on Faerie Hill in southern Indiana. He specializes is building self sustainable Earthships, Aka “The Ark”. Furthermore, he will be performing a workshop on Rainbow Chakra guided visualizations & musical meditations focused on gentle mellowing, clearing, balancing, integrating, grounding energies – a relaxed laid back session, perfect for getting one’s head, body, and emotions back together after a weekend of raving and raging. Terry will also be leading a Drum circle at the end of the night. “BRING A DRUM IF YOU CAN”
Traz Juarez, Jeremy Lombard, Brishen Vanderkolk, Brock Kramer Richert, James Werner and myself will be working on a collective mural throughout the whole day.

Also, performances by the one and only Bekah Sharkbite, Aka Lady SharkBite. Lady SharkBite’s love for hoop dance was sparked in December of 2009. Currently, she works with twin LED hoops, a fire hoop, fire fans, or fire wands for eating the flame! She is a hoop dancer and fire performer with a spunky and sporty yet graceful flow style!

Additional lighting provided by The Mad Scientist ” Hoops of Creation” Makers of beginner, intermediate, and advanced LED hoops. What sets us apart from other LED hoop companies are our lightweight, thin, affordable, polypro hoops.

Broc, OMFC, Jeremy Lombard, The Mad Scientist” Hoops of Creation”, Terry Kok and myself will be selling merch and more as well.

Get all your daily vitamins, electrolytes lights replenished with all natural homemade juices from Jen Izzy.

Sound provided by Smith Sound


Jeremy Lombardo

Traz Juarez

Brock Kramer Richert

James C Werner

Lady SharkBite